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This is the part where I tell you a little about myself.

Wait. Let’s be real here. If I told you what I’m really like, you’d flee this post in terror and never come back, so I’ll merely fill you in on the details of my life that I’d like you to know.

I spent my earliest years in the Tampa St. Pete area of Florida and was moved to the Texas Gulf Coast during my high school years, where I’ve lived ever since. It’s given me a great appreciation for the water and its influence in all our lives.

I graduated with a degree in Geology from a Texas university and have been circulating around the oil business ever since. gas flareI have used my experience to help oil companies to find pretty damn decent accumulations of oil and gas, and they have returned the favor by paying me decent accumulations of money and then firing me when the price of oil went down. I have learned to live with the cyclical nature of the petroleum business. Up until last year, I called myself a geological consultant.

And now, I call myself a writer.

It all started when I met someone. She was an author. She’s still an author, but I’m happy to add we share matching wedding rings. She sent me her first book, a Harlequin romance, and I fell in love with it. And her. Over the years, she’s written many more books, and I’ve watched her process of creation. Each time, it starts out with a gem of an idea, and then she works to build her creation into something people want to read.

I love a good story. But I had never watched one being built. The more I watched, the more fascinated I became. Stories I once never paid attention to, I was now entranced by. Genres of fiction I wouldn’t have previously given a second thought became fodder for my new found knowledge.

I’m not going to tell you I read every book I got my hands on. Quite the opposite. I won’t insult other hard working authors by mentioning the way I choose which book to read cover to cover and which books I merely flip through.

Why I’m writing

Sometime around 2009, my lovely wife got fed up with my talking about other people’s stories — how I thought this one was good for this reason, why that one was bad for that reason — she sort of challenged me to craft a story. It started with a gem of an idea for an adventure that she had. I took the idea, and started making changes to make that idea more interesting to me. She had given me my first writing prompt, as I now know it to be called.  A short time later, I had thrown out 100% of her idea and replaced it with one of my own. That idea has now blossomed into what I’d call a high concept science fiction story.

A good story is a good story. Whether that story be a romance, a mystery, a horror, or a science fiction story, if the story is worth the read (or worth the watch if medium is film), it shouldn’t matter the genre. I’m simply trying to tell you a story you’ll love.

Why this isn’t going to suck

I’m not alone in this story telling journey of mine. The main mover and shaker behind this, my guru and partner, my muse and my lover, is my wife. Mica. She’s got well over fifty novels published under her pseudonym Alison Kent, and her working on our story has transformed it into something we’re both proud of.

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