I’d like to do a quick note on the Walt Stone blog (as opposed to the more public blog over on http://cuppacafe.com/tag/icefall)
to say that I’ve finished Episode 7.

Back when we started, we looked at the entire story of The Clearsky Chronicles, and saw we’d have between 18 and 22 episodes to tell the full tale. We submitted
the first six for publication to publishers, and when that didn’t work out, we self-published. The six episodes made a good book, but I knew there was something else.

That something else is in Episode 7. If you’ve read through Episode 6, you think you know what’s going to happen in Episode 7.
Spoiler: It does.

I don’t know how anyone would make this story into a movie, but if they were to do so, they would probably include the ending of Episode 7 as the actual end of the first film.



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