What if?

That’s how all this started. Some six years ago, my lovely wife Mica and I were driving to a writer’s conference in Atlanta (or Florida, I still can’t remember which) and she was going over some thoughts she had about a particular story idea. The premise for which I disliked. She begged to differ and to this day we remain divided on the topic.

One thing led to another. So instead of trying to pick apart the premise to Mica’s story, I chose one or two other otherwise decent movies with what I now call “setting” issues. The most notable in our discussion was Waterworld. No matter if you loved or hated the film, there were some logic issues. If it was shallow enough to show Helen (Jean Triplehorn) a major city, what happened at the end of the movie when “dry land” happened to be at the foot of a small mountain that turned out to be Mount Everest? That would put the new sea level above 20,000 feet. Higher, if you can make that in a day climb. That water wasn’t from melted ice caps. That’s a brand new ocean of water on top of our existing ocean! Two oceans worth! Where did all that water come from?

It’s a fantasy, comes the reply. If you’re worried about the details of the science, you should really just relax. Right?

So I pitched an idea to Mica in the car.

(It was a long drive)

In my story, I decided to add an ocean of water on top of the one Earth already has.

And that’s how 4000 feet of water fell onto Earth

And everything in my story revolves around what it would take to survive this world ending catastrophe, and what would happen next.

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