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What are The Clearsky Chronicles?

Clearsky - The day when the shroud of ice in orbit clears and the people on Earth can once again see the Sun.

Praise for

Impeccable world-building and a cast of compelling, heroic characters you will root for in a nail-biting mix of adventure, science, and survival. 
One of my favorite reads this year! 
Jennifer Echols,
Award-Winning Author
"Breakneck pace, an intricately and tightly woven story line set in an exciting new world. I look forward to the next book, and yes there has to be a next book!" 
Roger, Goodreads reviewer
"The tale is woven expertly and the story enthralled me so deeply that I didn't want to put the book down until I reached the end, and still yet I kept looking for more." 
Emris, Goodreads reviewer, 
5 stars!
"Icefall has A+ world building, characters that don't feel like they are just words on a page, and a plot that is constantly moving." 
- Akahayla, Goodreads reviewer
5 stars!
"I can't wait for the next book!" 
Cindy, Goodreads reviewer
5 stars!
"Icefall was packed with science fiction and adventure and I have to admit, this book may be by far 
the best science-fiction I have ever read.
- Arousa, Goodreads reviewer
"An exciting book full of action and awesome characters. Loved the story and style! A must read!" 
- Trshava, Goodreads reviewer, 
5 stars!


The Clearsky Chronicles - The story of how Reynal Królik fits into the plan kept secret for over 200 years. The plan that involves controlling Alice. The twenty something episodes will be lovingly shoehorned inside a fat trilogy of novels.

Alice - The asteroid on a collision course with Earth. Alice can only be controlled from a room inside Rhone.

Rhone - The hollow mountain, inside which the ark where the biomes of Earth remain presevered. Rhone is controlled by Cerebus.

Cerebus - The fomer consortium of mining and technology corporations who were tipped off to the end of the world and had the means to create a refuge for their people who would care for the ark. The Ruling Council is now controlled by Aldus Turing.

Aldus Turing - Insanely afraid that Alice will crash down on Rhone, destroying not only the best and the brightest of humanity, but the ark preserved biota of Earth as well.

Earth - Currently wrapped in a perpetual Ice Age brought on by the shroud of ice cloaking the planet and reflecting warmth giving sunlight.

Earthland - The only flat land not covered by thick glacial ice. The remnants of humanity clustered here after the Fall. Populated by starving farmers, kept starving by their Cerebus rulers. Visited twice a year by The Procession.

The Procession - The visit some 400 Cerebus technicians and scientists make across the Eastern Sea. The meager aid the Procession gives the Earthlanders is in exchange for the food taken from them.

Reynal, Darjeeling, and Navid - Delivery drivers, one of whom is destined to one day drive Alice.

Odessa, Winnipeg, Lisbon and Seville - Medical students in the Procession, all of whom are marked for death.

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Who are the authors?

Icefall is Mica Stone's 60th novel. Mica is known for her romance novels (as Alison Kent) and more recently from her taut procedural whodunit novels (as Mica Stone).
Nobody knows who the hell Walt Stone is, as Icefall is his first novel. Together they live with two dogs and are cursed by five cats.

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The authors are known to give digital ARCs of upcoming novels to kind souls.







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